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comments please?

a friend wrote this. i'm trying to convince them to study writing in school. they don't believe they are good. i want to know if they are or not. honestly.

My dream: I see myself standing in the blue. feet upon water, looking down at my reflection, distorted by the giant creature lurking beneath. It spreads its jaws, eyes ablaze with fury, maw agap under me to swallow. and then i fly with ebony feathers, the only speck of black amidst a meadow of white. I plummet but i did not die, i was hurt but i cannot cry. only the sunset orange stood in plain view, the red of blood along the horizon and the faded purple as the setting arrows meets a million stars. moon for another night as i lay holding a ring, gazing at the rain of fire above. my mind was gone and emotions eroded, but sight was fortuous and i had a glimpse of my final hour. i died smiling like a man without regrets.
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Wow, your friend is definitely a good writer.