spiralated (spiralated) wrote in young_poets,

chocolate maker

trying to explain love to someone:

youre a block of chocolate, unsweetened, thinking youre enough for yourself, constantly mocked for having a bitter taste. im not trying to look like a hero, but i have a blowtorch and ten pounds of sugar. im not trying to break you into a new personality. its hard to break big chocolate. melting it is easier. im trying to melt you with my emotions so i can mold you from a boring square block into a curvious figurine, sweet to the taste. if anything, ill smile to see you behave so strongly upon your own emotions, as i, i can only offer you unconditionality with a smile. i'm only here to melt your heart, its your choice if you want to be melted or not, my only flaw: im the chef that has fallen in love with the coholate to sell it after ive sweetened it
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